Exciting Changes Ahead: Introducing our new triage system on Wednesday 5th of June 2024.

We are pleased to share some exciting news for Helston Medical Centre and Porthleven Surgery. 

Patients will now have a single point of access, ensuring fair and timely appointments based on clinical urgency.

The practice will gather the same information if you call us, as we do if you fill in the form online.

Learn more about how this system benefits you and enhances patient care.

Why the change?

We recognise the frustration of waiting in long queues, only to be find there are no more appointments available.

Our new triage system makes it easier for you to access the care you need.

Instead of trying to get through on the phone, if you are able to fill out a simple online form, our team will review your information and make sure you get seen by the right person at the right time. It's all about making sure you get the care you need, when you need it. This new way of delivering care would make it simpler to see your own GP when it is needed. Our reception team will ask you the same questions if you telephone the practice as you would fill in online so whichever way you contact the practice, you will be seen by the right person at the right time.

What are the benefits of this new triage system?

The new process will ensure that all contacts with us are considered by a medically trained clinician to ensure the right care is offered as quickly as possible. This may involve being referred to other members of the healthcare team rather than always seeing a GP.

You will receive notifications throughout the process and be safe in the knowledge that your form has been viewed by the clinical team.

Being able to see the same GP each time helps to build a therapeutic relationship, delivering personal and more consistent care as we get to know each other. It reduces the frustration of having to revisit questions and helps to avoid unnecessary investigations and treatments if we have a better understanding of your individual needs and circumstances. We understand it takes time to build trust over repeated encounters and continued support, and hope that by providing continuity with your own GP, it will increase your confidence in us. 

We will review forms every morning. If you believe you need to be seen the same day but have not heard from us by 11am, please call the surgery so our reception team can flag it to the triage team to escalate.

Further infomation can be found in the Frequently Asked questions FAQ.


Frequently Asked questions FAQ

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Published on 29 April 2024